Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ethics of Touch

"To morally figure out where you stand, what you believe in...
...are you willing to follow the journey and make
that journey worth while?

 - Jennifer Love Hewitt     

The Client List
(see also: Sterling Propriety)

April is not that far away, when the show starts to air. The "The Client List"  has created a lot of uproar in the Massage Therapy community for the possibility of putting the profession in a negative light. Especially to those not very educated in the proven wholesome and therapeutic benefits of massage, then it will definitely put the line between prostitution and bodywork in a blur.

It's all about teaching, don't you think? The television and "us" are both mediums. Every intake before a session with a client is a teaching window, let your client know how massage therapy is a form of healthcare, as it has always been historically. Whether, the show air or not, there will always be uninformed individuals out there who will think that Massage Therapy is just a rub-down, and reality is prostitution (which is as old as time) will never go away, perhaps, maybe. And the effects of this under-education about our profession and the latter problem will reverberate not just to our profession, but any other profession that involves hospitality and touch...

Whether for economic circumstance - poverty and the likes, whether part of a criminal syndicate - gang rings or human trafficking, whether an inflicting addiction or behavioral disorder, whether licensed or pretending to be... IT DOES exist  - and I know some Massage Therapist who do provide a "happy ending". This is reality and actually more rampant. There are those who do it as victims and for many it was not a choice. It was something that was imposed on them against their will. For those who choose to do it for fun and the monetary reward - well, they should go to jail.

Going back to the show... well... this will not be the first time that a profession will be/ has been place(d) in a negative light, there are shows out there that are still airing that tinged Nurses, doctors, lawyers, etc... I bet you can name at least three... Although fiction, they will be there to reflect reality... that's entertainment for you...

Here's the link if you want to see the trailer.

-Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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