Saturday, March 3, 2012

Detail, Depth, Focus, Rhythm

"To fall in love with your job, is the way to succeed"

- Jiro Ono     

The Same Old New Technique

We all know that the secret to success in the Massage Therapy business lies within the proper balance between discipline, talent, people skills and bussiness skills. Discipline involves the education platform that you have and continually acquire, such as a degree or diploma and the certifications you have post-graduation while practicing. Talent is your innate ability to care and to emphatize, your ability to sense and listen with your hands. People skills includes your professionalism and communication. And of course business, you all know what that aspect is. I believe that to achieve a good combination of each is a challenge, and most of the time we do learn the hard way. I don't think that there is a straight forward CEU or course especially formulated with the above that can fit anyone. 

We do have all of the above mentioned details, one way or the other, on different situations, in various extent, based on what applies to our needs most, or the clientele that we have. But let's say we DO have exactly the same circumstance, that the balance is similar from one to the other. Then how do you suppose you make your service stand out from the rest?

I have worked with and on many therapist before, some of them ahead of me, some of them not so. This is where I have learned that the smallest change you do on a generic protocol can mean a big difference to how you can make your client satisfied. This is where I learned that receiving a massage can be as much as a learning experience as sitting on an armchair in school. You learn from each other how you have so many things in common with one another when it comes to style and technique.

To stand out means you need to do your own unique way of delivering the same  old technique that everybody uses, or to a more difficult extent, come up with your own. This is where your attention to details, depth of pressure, focus and concentration (both mindset and client's  body area, matter of speaking) and the tempo and rhythm and the variation of the delivery. Something so simple, it is not so easy to do! 

We of course have to customize our service based on client goals and needs. And with so many commonalities among clients, most of the time, their goals and needs are the same in your intake. So do you give exactly the same "customized" massage, or you work as you go along...?

So how's your detail, depth, focus and rhythm the last time you gave a massage? Is is the same old new technique?

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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