Thursday, April 5, 2012

Caring Touch, Touching Care!


"Touch is also an essence of Nursing as to Care being also an essence
of Massage. They deepen the effects of each other"

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     


Okay? Okay! Okay...

Caring Touch, Touching Care! If you are the client, or the patient, what else can be better to help you recuperate! Yup, I just made that up, and I just quoted myself! Is sounds so right, and it is so right! And it is the truth.

As you all know by now, I also work as an RN for a Home Visiting Agency in NY and NJ. Majority of my patients know that I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist on both states. Although it is against Professional Ethics and my company's policies to accept money in exchange for massage therapy from any of my nursing patients, and nursing services to any of my massage therapy clients, IT IS, HOWEVER, NEVER against any policy, ethics or law to provide FREE services to any of my clients or my patients, PROVIDED it is within the ethics and jurisdiction of both my professions and it is not in any way contraindicated to my patients' or clients' medical condition. What comes around goes around, right? Charity? Perhaps! Why NOT? 

Doing what I love, both of them, have given me the opportunity that is not available to just anyone - to raise awareness of the therapeutic benefits of massage and the importance of massage therapy as a primary form of complementary and alternative medicine to the allied medical care that my clients or patients are already receiving - nursing in this case!  AND vise versa! To be honest, the good Karma that I received so far in doing this, is lots and lots of referral for my private practice by mouth, which I did not ask in the first place! (Yes, I do have a private practice, click here for details).  Mutualism? Good Karma? Which ever!

So, why am I writing this post in the first place? Well, here is a funny story that just happened to me this afternoon! I do not know whether the funny thing about it is the nursing part, or the massage part! See it as you may, it is an anecdote, which ever angle you look at it! Let us call the kind elderly as Patient Q!

I usually call ahead of time before the home visit. Over the phone:
          Patient Q:  "Nope I don’t want you to come for a visit today!"
          Me: "Oh, but why?"
          Patient Q: "I don’t feel good at all!"
The more I should hurry my visit - on the back of my mind, right?
          Me: "Is everything okay?"
          Patient Q: "I think I over exerted myself in the gym the other day..."
          Me: "Would you like a free massage after the check-up? It is good for
               post-work-out soreness!"
My patient has no contraindication for massage whatsoever. And without any hesitation, with an obvious GLEE in his voice, he replied:
          Patient Q: "So, what time are you going to be here again?"
          Me: "I just got out of the subway! See you in about 10-15!
After a long assessment of his condition, he did get the free back and foot massage - which is also my way of assessing his feet and back! And after a short chat and a nice cup of instant coffee (the home health aid, always make me one)
          Patient Q: " why I love you!"

And oh, The home health aide became a client of mine on a discounted rate! Yes, I give lots of discounts and freebies! Do you want some? Click here to see if you qualify!

Little things like this makes my day, so I thought I should share it! And it is so nice to know that Touch is also an essence of Nursing as to Care being also an essence of Massage. They deepen the effects of each other...

I am glad I am a practitioner of both! I love what I do...


- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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