Thursday, April 12, 2012

Internet Scams Target LMTs

“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you
know there is no hook beneath it.”

- Thomas Jefferson      

Internet Scams Target Massage Therapists
Please note! ABMP has received several
reports reporting this scam. Be aware!

Massage therapists are now on the receiving end of a variation of an online con. Here’s how it works: An out-of-town “client” contacts a practitioner via e-mail wanting to schedule appointments for a time in the future when he/she will be visiting the area. The appointments and times are scheduled. Shortly thereafter, the practitioner receives a cashier’s check for these services, but it’s generally for much more than the originally agreed upon price. The alleged client or a secretary of the client contacts the therapist, explains the mistake, and asks the therapist to deposit the check and simply refund the balance. The check appears to clear and the practitioner sends the overage back to the client only to learn two weeks later that the check was a fraud. Now the practitioner is out whatever the overage was.

If this has happened to you, visit the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) website at  and click “File a Complaint” to fill out the form. You can also forward the offending e-mails to In addition you can file a complaint at the Internet Crime Complaint Center’s website, Using caution and common sense will help you avoid the pitfalls of Internet scams. For more information on Internet scams, visit or

This is a repost from ABMP's warning regarding the email scams that continue to target Massage Therapists. I just thought that I should spread the word around. To read more about the post and to see samples and cases of the email scams click here.

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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