Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Second Nature: Breaking Down the Closet Doors

"Everyday, gay men roam the world of free enterprise, Massage Therapy and Spas in this case, where sexual orientation is just about
as important as the color of your skin!"

- Leo Feraer-Oporto        

Breaking Open, Breaking Down the Closet Doors!

In my previous posts, I have mentioned a few times how massage therapy has been going back to the umbrella of Healthcare, as it historically was part of. Thank you to the medical field, especially nursing, and the accolades that they subsequently awarded. Although there still exist misconception about massage therapy, nowadays, the public has gained significant awareness about its benefits to the human body as proven by evidence-based research. So it comes as no surprise to me that the popularity of massage therapy (and spas) is at its all-time high! In spite of this, what actually surprises me is that every now and then I come across one of "those" people who think and believe otherwise! I just wish they are not that resistant to "education", my effort of sharing the right information to them seemed to be a futile attempt!

This is about the resurgence of new massage therapists emerging from the LGBT community, especially gay men, who by the way, mean REAL and LEGITIMATE business. Shame on the closed-minded! Registered with certifications and licenses, we are serious businessmen in the ever-competitive field of Legitimate Massage Therapy! YES, we mean business! Oh, did I mention that we MEAN REAL and LEGITIMATE BUSINESS? So for all of you sore-muscled people from any walks of life, especially you who are straight men prone to homophobic angst and closed-mindedness, it is time to shed any negative notions about the "gay" aspect of the therapy we provide. It is time for you to forget that stupid out-dated fear and memorize these words, word for word: Gay Massage Therapy is NOT synonymous with Gay Sex! And if you think gay male massage therapists cater only to other gay men, well think again and one more time: shame on you! Everyday, "we" roam the world of free enterprise, Massage Therapy and Spas in this case, where our sexual orientation is about as important as the color of your skin! And that is the truth!

Gay or not, men get massages and CAN get massages from other men or another gay men without fear of the situation remotely bordering on the sexual. And for crying out loud, WHY NOT?! There is an established CODE OF ETHICS, and any massage therapist are taught and trained about this at one point during our schooling, formal or not. Massage therapy is NOT sex therapy - gay or straight! I have more than a dozen straight-male loyal following - and they all have benefited from the safe and rewarding massages under my care! None of them give a [bleeeep] about my sexual orientation - and yes, they all are very much aware of it! Maybe it is just the liberal western culture of the big city, maybe I am just lucky that they are all very open-minded, perhaps so, but they just could not care any less about my sexual orientation! Something to be thankful about.

In the many years that I have been doing what I love to do (both of them), I have catered to the straight population and the elderly ! Maybe some of them are gay - who knows - but I just don't care about their sexual orientation either! Quite honestly, it is just about a month ago that I open my "private" practice to my very own community here in NYC. I quote private, since I have had many gay clients at the wellness clinic and healthcare facility that I work for - but that is another story. Going back to my practice, some women actually seek out a gay massage therapist! Perhaps it is the allure of a male therapist that draws them with the knowing that they can have an environment where they can experience a safe, non-sexual, and rewarding massage from a man! Don't get me wrong, a straight male massage therapist can provide such environment just as well as we do, but that is another story yet again...

If you are in the shoes of these women I am talking about, or anyone for that matter who have the same massage need and goal as they do, who could be more ideal to provide the massage than a gay massage therapist? Why not a female?... or the straight guy? Why insist on someone who is gay? Well, for one, based on what I have seen in my experience over the years, it is all about their comfort level! Put it this way: if you are not comfortable with the person giving you the massage, would you be able to completely relax on the table and benefit from the massage? And two, based on my very personal opinion, we seem more attune with the art of nurturing- that the healing power of touch for us may seem more intuitive than learned! Call it second nature! Why not consider there’s truth in that: gay men may typically be more sensitive to the needs of others around him! Why not consider there's truth that: gay men are more in-tuned with the details of the massage environment down to the color scheme of the massage clinic! Put this one this way: with a massage therapist who is openly gay, a woman may lower her shackles of unhealthy inhibitions enough to consider a clothing-optional more-trusting massage! Massage therapy in the fullest of holistic approaches offers more benefits for a client comfortable enough to lie completing unclothed with the feeling of safety, with or without a thin sheet of drapery for warmth and basic humansense of security. It is not about exhibitionism or sexuality; it is about removing any inconvenience separating sore muscles from the gay therapist's trained hands.

So do you think that a gay massage therapist is just another masseur? ... that a gay massage is just another code for sex massage? Well, think again! What once considered to be the benefits of the big-open-minded city is starting to spread into smaller less exclusive communities! And whether you agree with me or not on all that I have said, openly gay massage therapists are right in the charge! And YES, we mean business! Real and Legitimate Massage Therapy! Shame on the closed-minded!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto      

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