Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sex and Massage Part 7: Lingam Therapeutics

"Life in the Physical Body is meant to be an Ecstatic Experience."

- Shakti Gawain     

It is Nothing Wholesome!

Lingam Therapeutics, Lingam Massage, Sacred Lingam Therapy, Tantric Massage for Men, Erotic Massage for Men, Sensual Massage for Men: it goes by many names, but they refer to one and the same thing: Massage of the Male Genitalia and the surrounding male anatomical parts (whole body or other areas are sometimes thrown in the session). Lingam or Lingham is the Sanskrit word for the penis which loosely translate to "Wand of Light"! Its advocates call it a spiritual journey for the senses and heavenly (sacred) pleasure through complete submission to touch and not sex per se; the opposition calls it "happy endings", handjob or prostitution. Those who perform it call themselves spiritual healers of the mind, body and soul, the critics call them prostitutes. This post is not meant to condone nor condemn those who provide and those who pay for such massage, it is not meant to encourage or recommend them neither! If the topic is something that you find unpleasant and offensive, then DO NOT scroll further down, Click here instead!  

Being a massage therapist, I believe in healing through Energy work, bodywork and manual therapy; as a nurse, I believe that sex is a human primal need that must be addressed and expressed. I just don't think that they should be confused with each other, especially the intentions involved. There still exists a sexual stigma to massage therapy, and those who perform such service, no matter how sincere they are, are doing damage to the profession as a whole. I do not hate those who practice Lingam Massage (or other forms of Tantric Massage thereof), because there exist true Tantric Bodyworkers who have many years of training in their chosen craft - but they are few and hard to find. Rare as they are, if you do find one, no matter how true they are with their art, there is no assurance that their clients are just as sincere and educated with the practice and not plain sleazy looking for an avenue for sexual gratification. It could just be another sad case of Pearls before Swines, or the other way around!

What's the Brouhaha?

I do understand quite enough their logic and their belief behind Lingam Massage, I just don't agree with it. I will not play innocent about it, I have received and enjoyed it myself from a lover who happens to know the craft! I am just against their practice of  involving money, and that it should happen between a client and a therapist! Lingam Therapeutics or any Tantric massage, whatsoever, should be from someone whom you truly trust and respect - say a lover or a partner! The massage should be meant to enhance the pleasure of the sexual experience, mind, body or soul it may be, between two people who mutually have the same intent, same level of trust and respect! NOT between a client who wants pleasure and a provider who charge a price of $200.00/hour for it (some even charge higher).

Performing massage of the female breast (Except Certified Medical Breast Massage), the male/female genitalia and the prostate for "business" is illegal both in New York and New Jersey and in almost all the US states. (On that note, some State is still on the process of legislating a law against it - without a law, it is neither legal or illegal) . It falls on a Class E Felony if there are existing Laws against it, and there is! (links below). If you are doing Lingam Massage for money, for a client whom you will just be with for an hour or so, whom you really do not know and trust very well, whom the intention, you cannot really be certain - then in the eyes of the law (especially here in New York and New Jersey) you are nothing short of a prostitute - regardless of how genuine or spiritual your service is!! Unless, of course, without any limitation, prostitution is legal in the jurisdiction that you work at! Which is very unlikely and very rare - even in Bangkok, it is illegal unlike popular beliefs (it is only tolerated and partly regulated for economic interests)! If that is the case, then, there will be no need for the you to practice in the shadows for cash-only basis, wouldn't you? Or you can go to Bangkok! 

The therapist is responsible for him/herself for knowing all the Law and Legislations that pertains to his/her profession in the jurisdiction where he/she is practicing. The client on the otherhand should and can validate their  therapist's qualification or license by going to the respective website of the Committee or Board that regulates the massage profession in their area! Below are the links where you can find what the States of New York and New Jersey say about Erotic/Sexual/Tantric Massages:

Board of Massage Therapy
Laws and Regulations:
Guidelines for Practice

Massage, Bodywork & Somatic Therapy Committee
Laws and Regulations:
Scope of Practice

The Wand of Light Gone to the Dark Side...

Legal or not, reality is: if there is the demand, there is the supply; if someone's willing to pay, someone will sell! Here in the city you can easily find one for $100- up/hour, with only a few-hour out-call notice! If it is legal (or tolerated and regulated) in where you work at, then that is fine, continue your business, or their business! Enjoy the monetary gain or the bang for your bucks! The fact remains that no matter how much the therapist is serious about his/her service, and how he/she really studied and mastered the craft of Lingam Massage, if the client is a random douchebag who is just opting for a cheap thrill, then it doesn’t really matter what the intentions of the therapist may be! Which is fair enough for the therapist, if the only thing he/she care about anyways, is to get paid the big bucks in the end! What remains so sad, is the fact that the Whole Massage Therapy profession has suffered from the Stigma this has partly brought about, any which way you put it.

Is there really a price tag $$$$ to sexual pleasure and energetic connection based on caring touch, trust, respect, intimacy  and love? Is it a commodity? Then the true meaning of the REAL and AUTHENTIC Sensual Massage or REAL LINGAM Therapeutics is lost, if that is the case...

For those of you who just want to spice up their love/sex life and those who just want to give new life to a monotonous one, or who want to impress their male partner, then follow this link. I would have to reiterate, I neither promote nor condone the practice!

I included an instructional video I got from a social networking site, NOT because it is very informative, but rather, how it turned out unintentionally hilarious in the speaker's  effort to make it suitable for public consumption! Especially the part where she said how much light she got from the wand - or something like that! And it was purple! Seriously?

If you had just about enough of this topic, you can click here instead, and skip the video!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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