Thursday, June 14, 2012

Positive Actions Beget Positive Attitude!

"We are too concerned of what was and what will be, we forget what is now. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but todays is a gift... And that is why it is called the 'present'! Welcome every morning with a smile!"

- Master Oogway Tortoise     

Positive Actions Beget Things Positive!

Have you ever had one of those times that it seemed like whatever effort and time you have put into something, you still come up with an undesired result? That no matter how many times you redo the mistakes you made along the way, you seemed to end up with the same outcome all over again? That no matter how you apply the positive advice of many trusted fellow, and no matter how much stress-management techniques you perform, things just would not get better? Is it a matter of acceptance? Is it a matter of knowing your limit? Is it a matter of leaving everything to change? Or is it? I think it is a phase in everyone's life that we have to undergo at least once! Even steel have to be purged in fire over again to become tough...

I am lucky to have been working in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. For if I am just to leave all my better-knowing to allied medicine, I probably would be just popping pills after pills and filling prescription after prescription to deal with my pain - both seen and unseen, be it physical, mental and ethereal. In times that exercise, meditation and massage do not work for me, (Yes, you read it right, they don't always give you the exact same effect that you want to achieve) I busy myself with something positive and productive. You should try them sometimes! The positive effects of these good things do come back to you! Here is another 5 of my favorite:  

     1. Make a mental list of your positive attributes: You will realize that your blessings do outnumber your tribulations! Positive thoughts are powerful! It has its many profound effects that has been proven by modern research! If you are more tactile, then you may write them down instead! Appreciate yourself! Do these instead of those less-productive things: i.e. Cook a new healthy recipe instead of tweeting non-sense blah-blahs and whatever hoo-hahs on facebook; walk with a friend or your dog instead of munching chips in front of the tube... and so much more! Things like that can bring out the positive attributes in us! Add that to your mental list, and you will realize that you are quite talented and special after all!

     2. Self-care and Maintenance: "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" - a latin phrase adopted by a shoe brand, I am sure you have heard of it many times! "A better feeling mind, equals a better feeling body." What we think we are, we are! It goes vice versa as well! If you  take good care of your body, then your mind will be just as well! A feeble body cannot support a healthy brain, the brain, afterall is just one of its organs! Proper nutrition, enough hydration, moderation and proper portion of anything and everything, great music, an interesting book, a new skill to learn, a new friend, a new pet... and so on... - all the positive things that can be absorbed by the body, the mind or the soul! They're good-stuff! Start absorbing!

     3. Be Grateful: To get a better appreciation of yourself, sometimes all we need is to appreciate the people and the things around us! Give thanks or recognition to those who have affected you in positive ways - make a list in your mind or in paper! Say thank you the next time you see them, give them a hug or a kiss, send them a note, a card, give them a free 10 minute back massage, it is up to you! Then, be grateful that you have had the opportunity to do that, be grateful you have lots of friends to do them to! If you can be grateful with as simple as sunshine and as simple as smiles that come your way, you'll get that positive feeling inside that can help you keep going on... like that bunny in a battery commercial!

     4. Pain still? Remember, Things do Get Better in the end:  If it is not getting better, it is not yet the end! When you’re struggling, grieving or suffering from some form of pain, the feeling can be unbearable - but they do subside by itself - our body is a wondrous creation, it can heal itself! In everyday life, the weight of a gazillion small things does accumulate and become quite heavy for a burden. So keep this perspective: It is okay to cry. Tears do blur your vision initially, but remember, it will also wash away the impurities so you can see better later on! Pent up emotions can be released through parasympathetic routes such as crying! If it is all Joy and Happiness - what kind of life would that be? Where  should we grow? What would make us grow?

     5. Still Gloomy? Eyes hurt already? Get out there and Reach Out, Help someone who got it worse than you: Each one of us has our own story worth crying about, no matter how bad yours is, there will always be someone out there who got it a lot worse... Reach out to them and help! You wanted to feel great about yourself and you want to feel better, right? The best and proven method to do so is to help someone else. Donate funds to your local charity, it can change someone’s life. Call your long-lost friends, catch up and laugh together; Support local businesses, help your community prosper; Volunteer in your area for a worthy cause or give free massages in a reach-out program, initiate one! It takes very little to help someone out - it can be as little 3 clicks online, or as little as a dollar! It is not that easy, but if you learn a positive attitude like that - it’s truly hard to be anything but... you've said it!  - POSITIVE.

If none of the above works or you cannot make yourself do any of them; OR IF you have at least one of the following: problems sleeping; lost of appetite; you do not enjoy the activities that you use to love; you've lost your general motivation to do your daily routine; you are having emotional extremes and thoughts of suicide; problems getting out of bed because of feelings of weakness and non-specific pain in your body; you feel tired all the time in spite of full hours of rest: then you might be suffering from a more serious medical condition! Consult your primary health practitioner right away. Do not keep it to yourself.


- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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