Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things to Remember Before Getting a Massage

"Civility is but a desire to receive civility, and to be esteemed polite."

- Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld     

Massage Dos, Massage Don'ts

Massage is indeed a wonderful way to relax, de-stress, relieve pain and fatigue, improve your health and so much more. If you are a fan of massage healthcare, of course you already know that! And you probably also know some of the dos and don'ts before getting a massage! In spite of us therapist having our little quirks, here are some important things you need to remember for you to have a safe and consistently great experience!

First you need to remember that it is very  important NOT to come in if you're sick or you have a contagious condition for 3 main reasons: We don't want to catch what you have; We don't want our other clients to catch what you have and we don't want to worsen the symptoms of your medical conditions! You may need to consult your primary health provider for clearance, then call your therapist if you need to reschedule. There are many contraindications for massage: click here.

But in general, if you are to receive a massage, whether, for the first time or your next one, you can get the most from your treatment if: You have an empty stomach without being hungry; You prepare mentally, have a meditative mindset, and you let go of your troubles; and You are clear about your goals! Also be sure to mention any painful, sensitive areas on your body or any current medical problems. And remember "No therapist can do more for you than you are willing to do for yourself."

During a given massage session, listen to your body and speak up especially if a certain technique hurts. "The body doesn’t lie." If you feel like the therapist is talking too much, or giving too many instructions to you during the session that you feel like the massage is not relaxing anymore, tell him so! If there are certain body areas that you wish to be omitted in the session so you can use the time you paid for somewhere else, like the shoulders for example, feel free to ask! Although the massage therapist are "meant to be felt" NOT heard, and you are meant to de-stress and relax, sometimes it is necessary for both of us communicate, so speak or listen accordingly!

After your session give yourself ample time for re-entry. The positive effects of bodywork often continue after a session is over. And always try to let the experience sink in before diving back into the world of demands and responsibilities. Most of the time you may want to just stay on the table of your therapist and snooze a little bit, don't take too long, there could be a client after you waiting outside for their turn! But as always, you can rebook again! Or you can just book an out-call with your therapist so you can go straight to dreamland!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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