Monday, October 15, 2012

12 Reasons to Date a Massage Therapist!

"Attraction is not a choice!"
- David DeAngelo     

Why Not?

They all have their own "10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Whatever" List.  A Physician, a Nurse, a Physical Therapist, a Ballerina, a Construction worker, a Wrestler and countless more!
Well, so as not to be outdone, I have come up with a version of our own! And I am making it a dozen! Hah!
1. Caring Touch, Touching Care, what else would you ask for when you needed someone?
2. We are meant to be felt - not heard! If someone who listens and talks less is what you need - we can throw-in a free massage at the same time!
3. Headaches, Muscles Soreness and Tenderness, Hangovers or plain Stress and Fatigue: we have a massage technique for all of those! You won't be needing all those pills!
4. Nothing shocks a Massage Therapist! We have seen all body types, all skin types, all sizes! We do not discriminate! We've touched them all, and we'll do it all over again!
5. We are experts in handling the human body! All types of tissue! All types of muscles! Manual, Energetic or Sensual: your choice!
6. We meditate! We are often calm and our patience are quite extensive! And our touch can calm you as well, if you do lose your cool!
7. We are into holism -  we accept imperfections as part of who we are! We will never be disgusted by any of yours! And we are quite in-touch with most of ours!
8. We know how to handle lubricants -  gels, lotions, creams, oils: all of them! With them, we always use the right stroke and the right glide! It will be very smooth and soothing!

9. Massage is not all that we are good at! Bodywork, Body Scrubs and Body Soaks: we are good at that too!
10. We are experts in tapotement and deep pressure, we can defend you and teach you a few tricks on how to!
11. We have a massage technique to help you "evacuate and eliminate" when you are full of s**t!
12. FREE massages: on demand, when needed, when wanted - if you are good to us! So be!
In more ways than one, I did mean pun in much of the above! This applies of course to those who are not my clients and will never be. Dual relationship is one of the fastest way to ruin a professional relationship and worse - your profession itself! So if you are to date a Massage Therapist, make sure he/she is not your Professional Therapist! You have been warned! Pun NOT intended this time!
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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