Friday, October 19, 2012

Ways to Wow Clients: Before, During & After a Massage

"In Massage Therapy, clients will forget what you said, they
may forget what you did, but they will never
forget how you made them feel!"
- Anonymous     

Simple Ways Go a Long Way!

Massage Therapy is about good service through care and touch. The service is about business, and of course business is about selling! If you ask me what I sell, well, I would say without hesitation that I sell "time". I sell 1 to 2 hour long time-slots to perform custom massage sessions for individuals with unique goals, needs and expectations!
This is how Massage Therapists build professional relationships, so in a way the product we sell in itself is the "relationship." We keep and develop an ongoing relationship where we provide massages! If we do it right, we "WOW" them, they come back to us, if not, then it is good business to someone else! I believe all successful service-based business is about that: lasting professional relationships!
But sometimes it’s the tiny things that actually stand out and stay in a client’s mind! Sometimes it's the attention to little details that makes the difference between a good massage and a truly awesome experience.

Nowadays, when little independent practitioners like us is competing with an ever-growing massage franchises, it is this extra attention to these little details that sure to make a better impression than the commercialized ones offered by the chains!
Here are a few of those tiny things that you can offer your clients, before, during and after the treatment! There are a lot more of these that you can do and the possibilities and combinations are endless! Wow them, and surely they won't forget!
Aside from your warm smile and welcoming hands, offer your clients little extra comforts  during the intake or while they fill out the forms: A hot or cold beverage like herbal tea; Cold towels during the summer (hot during the winter) - if you see their need to freshen up; Maintaining an inviting and calming area with nice color treatments, lighting or aromatherapy; etc.
Be sensitive to on-going client needs during the massage in addition to what they asked or noted during the intake: If they need extra pillows or bolster;  Modifications with your pressure, room temperature, volume of music or  amount of lotions, etc; You may also add little extras like hints of aromatherapy either in a diffuser, candles or the linens (note allergy) or a hot or mint towel massage with aromatherapy to clean or deodorize their feet. Also: keep eye pillows, spare hot or cold towels, napkins, single use eye drops, ice cups, etc. - you may need them.
Offer your clients a hot (or lukewarm) beverage! Beverages that they can take with them on the go, if they choose to! Also they may either be too relaxed or too invigorated to listen to a long "client-education/teaching", so provide an informative pamphlet or print-out instead that they can take home with them with their beverage!

Also make sure to write down special notes in your client records about important information about their preferences and needs you found out before, during or after the session! Scan them before your next treatment with them, if they do come back! Remembering them is another good way for them to remember you! A client will forget what you said, they can forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel!
Do you have more to add to your sessions to make yourself more memorable to your client? What has worked for you?
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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