Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 Things You Can Ditch After Massage School

"Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be."
- Karen Ravn     

For keeps. Not.
Lo and behold, two years have passed and the next thing you realize, you are holding your massage license card! Congratulate yourself! You made it through massage school! You so deserve it after all THOSE hardwork and sleepless nights! Now, you can finally start turning those precious healing touch into bucks that will pay back your student loan!
Well hopefully, aside from the diploma, the certificate and that loan, you have had some good memories and great friends to take with you from those time you've spent in the massage education system. I am quite sure that by this time you'd be glad to bid your last goodbye to the things on the list below, and finally clear and clean you crib from all those school clutters! Here are the things that you can finally get rid of to make room for your new life and career as a full-pledge Professional Licensed Massage Therapist!
1. Those books (and all of those A&P flashcards and indices). Resell them. Donate them. With the advent of the modern internet, nowadays, all you needed to have is the access to it. And I sure bet you have! When you are a student you needed all those bulky textbooks, pocket reference books, study materials, flashcards, indices and even you own handwritten or voice-recorded lectures. But you are not that student anymore, so shed those bulky weights and save only the ones that you deem may be of value if you are planning to pursue higher education! You get to clean your home office at the same time!
2. Those scrubs (or those white pants). I understand why many massage school require their students to wear scrubs. Yes, it's true that they want to project massage as part of healthcare (which it is), but scrubs do not allow plenty of room for movement when giving massages and it does not wick away and dry perspiration! During massage treatment, I do not think you need a sterile barrier between you and the client, nor are you preventing cross infection to your client, nor are you shielding yourself from body fluids and excretions! So, in massage school, it is mainly for show! The things that they will make you wear in school, kudos to the school that allows you to wear reasonable working clothes! Now, go shopping for a more presentable and comfortable clothes to wear, you've just graduated!
3. Those SOAP notes (and all those tools of assessment and pages of intake forms). Nowadays, even doctors and nurses don't use that obsolete SOAP  format anymore. You write your progress notes in a narrative way that includes the most recent significant change in the health of your client/patient! As for intake and assessment forms, healthcare facilities and wellness spas have all of them pre-printed for you in a organized manner in the least number of pages as possible - usually 1! And much of the time you find it hard to allot time to fill up or write those forms even in its most compact form! In wellness centers, you have 5 minutes! So why bother maintaining 10 pages of your intake forms! Go get a massage managing software or app and use the most compact and easy to use intake formats and medical records maintenance available in the market today! They even include a free online booking for clients and a free CC swiping kit! Ditch those complicated forms, you have no more instructor to impress!
4. Those meridians (or tsubos, acupressure points, myofascial Trains, trigger point patterns, etc.). YES, they are useful. YES, they are indispensible if you are to specialize in any one of them. BUT let us admit, do you really need all of them? DO you really need all those charts and illustrations? TRUTH be told, can you memorize and use them all? All at once in one treatment? No, no and no. You will not need them all, and you cannot use them all. Keep the ones you do use or intend to use in you practice, ditch the rest! You don't even have to memorize the ones you will need. Frame them in the most presentable way post it on your clinic wall! Voila! A decor and reference in one! Simple yet effective.
5. Those yellowed white towels and sheets (you always forgot to bring them anyways). Have many have you purchased during  those two years? How many have you forgotten to bring or forgotten to bring home from your locker? Chances are, your school did not provide all the sheets that you needed, but required them white! I bet you  complied, but reused them more than once and left them to yellow! Well, it is time to invest on new sheets and towels that will be presentable. comfortable and durable! Make them match your taste or your interior design! Choose therapeutic colors! And NO, it does not have to be white!
I think the only things worth keeping are those with sentimental value, aesthetic worth or practical use. If they are just making your place congested and eating out useful space then there is only two things to do them. Repurpose or Dispose.
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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