Saturday, December 1, 2012

Art of Silence Part 1: To B or not to B - B: Blabbermouth!

"It requires as much caution to tell the truth as to conceal it."
- Baltasar Gracian     

The Things You Should Never Say to a Massage Client:
Part 1 - To B, or not to B! - B is for Blabbermouth!
No, this is not an Alphabet lesson. It's about professional commu-nication skills. English being a third language, I am still learning, and I learned my lesson the hard way! And it was no A-B-C, more of a B-A-D! Sorry, no T-M-I for Y-O-U. Yes, it was that bad!
As Licensed Massage Therapists, whether during the intake, into the session, or an after-treatment teaching, our professional communication skill is a valuable tool to convey what we really mean and to show our sincere intent. Today, there are CEU(s) available to us to learn this professional way of communicating to clients in either a therapeutic, business or compassionate way! (Find out here) And yes, I did enroll!
But of course we have to remember that there are many barriers to communication (i.e. culture, geography and accent) that may lead your massage clients understanding what you've said in a way other than what you really mean. That is what happened to me. Your intent gets misconstrued and there goes your shame without you even knowing about it! It was B-A-D, and it was M-E! So what to say, what not to... to B or not to B! And it's a three part post:
Part 1: To B, or not to B! - B is for Blabbermouth!
Part 2: Wrong Words Speak Louder Than Gestures! (soon)
Part 3: We are Meant to be Felt, Not Heard Anyways! (later)
So sometimes some things are just better off not said. If there is a real need for an issue to be addressed, thinking twice before saying a word to our client can be our best bet. And let us back them up with evidence-based clinical research if our client's health and safety is on the line. Professional Licensed Massage Therapists is who we are! Something worth upholding.
As for the words we utter... let us make them soft and as little as we possibly can! They are easier to chew and to swallow - just in case we have to!
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- Leo Feraer-Oporto     


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