Monday, December 17, 2012

How to Lose a Massage Client 101: More Talk, Less Touch!

"The more arguments you win, the
less friends you will have!"
- American Proverb     

Preaching Against Your Practice,
"Unpracticing" What You Preach!
I had a massage last night in one of the less popular spa from a therapist who has been highly recommended by the receptionist! Unfortunately, the therapist did not live up to the expectation. The pressure was okay, the techniques generic, the massage up to par, but he is polite otherwise! I was actually going to give the session 3 of 5 stars, if only he did not spend a good 7+ minutes before and another 7+ minutes after talking about health practices and his recommendations to me!
Ordinarily, I have no problem with pre and post consultation, I welcome them, and actually do the same! But some advice are meant to be solicited before given! And many-a-advice should be a reflection of what we do and what we have experienced! If you are in the shoes of the client (me at that moment), how could it be possible to trust the therapist about the truth and worth of what he is advising if they are the opposite of how he looks, appear and even how he smells!
Lying completely unclothed, got palpated and massaged from head to toes, under the linens, on his massage table, an hour-and-a-half prior, he should have figured out that I am not "that" unhealthy! And Sir, I DO exercise! And that Epsom salts - how can he be sure that I will change my mind about hating it? - what's up with that? Good thing he avoided the topic of smoking, or help me gosh, I will let him have it, for he wreak of cigarette smoke!
Perhaps I should have given him "the" advice to read my records before he starts a session! Maybe, I should have told him from the very beginning that I  am a colleague and a nurse, so those 10++ minutes of unsolicited, over-the-top health recommendations translated to more hands-on massage! BUT I decided to just kept my mouth shut and nod my head a few times... that session, after all, is about wellness and feeling good! The last thing I want to do is to hurt him! I, for one reason, am not going back to him after that!
That being said, we as Massage Therapists, have the duty to educate our clients, not only about the benefits of regular massage therapy, but also the benefits of living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle! But how can you teach and educate your clients on improving their health when you yourself is "unhealthy". How can you describe to them the side-effects of smoking, if yourself smell like you just had a stick? How can you tell them the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and exercising, if you yourself weigh beyond what is healthy for your stature? In other words, we should be "the" reflection of what we advice...
I am not an exception, nor perfection, nor the epitome of the best massage technician! I am, just like my therapist last night, a therapist doing the best to make and keep demanding clients happy...
And yes, I can be a demanding massage client!
So I left a generous tip, in spite of...
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     


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