Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Little Things In My Practice That I Will Not Do Without!

"Before everything else, getting ready
is the secret of success."
- Henry Ford     

It's Always The Little Things!
Have you ever had one of those moments when you needed something in the middle of a massage session and you don't have it at hand? If you have been a Massage Therapist for a while, you may have already added these little things here and there inside your treatment room because you had the experience of needing them and not having them:
1. Tissue! Chances are, you will mobilize your clients respiratory tract during a back massage. And chances are, the face cradle pressing on their sinuses will not help. Especially during the winter, keep a pop-up box handy!
2. Hand sanitizer or 70% alcohol! You don't always start at the head and face for all your full-body session. Sanitize  your hands after you finish with the legs and feet before you move on to the upper body of your client, especially the face!
3. Saniwipes! Have two types: the skin-friendly ones to clean or freshen up your clients if they come in all-sweaty (note the feet). And the surface saniwipes to sterilize, well, surfaces that comes in contact with you or the client (i.e. bolsters)
4. Cough drops or water for you! You sweat. When you sweat, you dehydrate. When you dehydrate, you get dry mouth or throat! Drink and have some menthol candy at hand, for you. And you can share them to your clients too!
5. A wheeled stool! If you have 6-hr massages straight, it pays to sit down during a massage a few minutes in between! Like when you are massaging your client's feet or head! Give your legs a break, take it easy with your very own rolling glute-rest!
6. Air freshener and a fan! After an hour massage inside a closed space, the air will stagnate and have some tinge of human odor. Get rid of them with a fan and some great aromatherapy spritz! And yes, you can use them to cool yourself too!
7. Hair Scrunchies! Rubber bands just won't do! Go invest on those affordable disposable scrunchies from massage accessory stores. Otherwise you'll be scrubbing your client's back with their own hair! Even some guys grow it long! Tie 'em!
8. Hand towels and sweatbands! Proper hydration is always awesome! Sweating, not so! Dripping them on your clients' skin, never was! Keep yourself dry and poised with a clean set of towels with matching headbands! You are a massage athlete after all!
9. Spare container of emollients! Whatever it is you use: oil, lotion , creme, gel or butter, always keep a spare. The last thing you want to happen is to forget to refill your bottle and you run-out in the middle of the session! Dry massage Sir? Ma'am?
10. Hot towels or dry towels in dark colors! Whatever emollient you use, your client is bound to feel a little greasy afterwards! Avoid having them wipe themselves off using the sheets! Give them a one of each!
It is not a secret that there are many little things that are hard to let the day out without you not using them either for yours or for your clients comfort and convenience! Because being prepared means great service, and great service gets you the client! (And you make your work a little easier at the same time!)
- Leo Feraer-Oporto    



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