Friday, March 8, 2013

Can Massage be of Any Benefit to Me?

"Judge a man by his questions
rather than his answers."
- Voltaire     

Anyone "may", provided...
If you are new to massage, you may be wondering if it can benefit you. The answer is usually "YES", but there are times that it is "NO".
The detailed truth is, anybody "may" benefit from massage therapy as long as the massage session is "customized" to each individuals unique needs, goals and health condition. Just like a single size shoe does not fit every feet, those who have contraindications to massage may only receive treatment either if the therapy is under a Primary Health Providers' (PHP) supervision, permission or advice.
An assessment, commonly known as an 'intake', is done by your chosen massage therapist before your massage session to determine if a massage will benefit you, what modality is right for you, or if it is contraindicated to receive one. Often times, upon your PHP's permission, even if you have some form of medical condition you can still benefit from massage therapy as a form of complementary method of treatment in conjunction with the allied healthcare you are already receiving.
If you, on the other hand, are an "average" healthy individual, you need no especially clearance, referral or permission from a PHP to benefit from a massage. We licensed Massage Therapists are independent healthcare practitioner, and although the PHP(s) are our ally in healthcare, we can perform assessment and provide massage treatment on our own provided that it is within the scope of our practice.
I hear positive feedbacks from my clients after their first massage that they are convinced about the benefits and will be back (and usually, they do!) Some of them actually expressed regret not having tried it before or earlier!
If you have more "new-to-massage" questions, the best thing to do is research and talk to some of your friends who have had massages. If you have any other questions that they cannot address, ask a Massage Therapist.
You can tell me whatever it is you are wondering about massage here. Or you can give massage a try, and I will gladly answer your questions during the intake or after the session. If your concern is far beyond what I am qualified to answer, then I would be happy to refer you to someone who is!
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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