Friday, March 15, 2013

You Don't Need Money for a Great Massage!

"One cannot heal others unless
they first heal themselves."
- Anonymous     

You Don't Need Money to Get a Great Massage!
Yes, I do Trade Massages! And NO, you don't have to be a Massage or Body Practitioner to exchange with me! Why? How? Read on...
Remember what they've always say that you should practice what you preach? Remember all the benefits that you share to your clients? How massage can help to alleviate joint and back pain, migraines, speed recovery from injury, increase blood circulation and manage stress, and more?
As the practitioner, when was the last time you had a massage? Truth is, we can't experience all the benefits of a massage through our clients - it is important to keep in touch with how receiving massages feel! Getting some of what we advocate is a good way to learn and maintain our vitality - it allows us to experience new techniques or ways to modify existing ones and evolve our protocols!
So, really, how often do you get a massage? Not often enough, right? Why? Money perhaps? Well, I will respect that - $80-100 a week is a significant amount, I will not argue! It is actually one of the major reason why many see massage as a luxury, not a necessity and only get one once in a bluemoon!
But you really do not need money to get a great massage! I for one trade massages to fellow Massage and Bodywork practitioner! There is never a single buck involved! It may sound counterproductive to my practice, but on the contrary, it had become a mode of advertising for me! It had brought me referrals!
And if you are not a therapist or a practitioner, pout not! Perhaps you have something to offer that you can reasonably quantify as the same value as a massage service I provide! Perhaps you can redesign my website? Perhaps redesign my apartment? You get a free massage, I get to save some money that I can divert to getting myself more massages! And I get to advertise by word-of-mouth as a bonus! How about that!
No one wants to trade with you in your area? Well, I beg to disagree! There will always be someone out there who would be willing to barter a massage for someone or another type of product or service! If I am too far from you for a trade, then the internet is another wonderful tool for finding people with similar interests. (Use with caution). Or, you can reconnect with fellow Alumni from your Alma Mater! Solutions like that! They are ways and once you start finding trade partners, it is simply a matter of trial and error until you find a practitioner whose work you enjoy, and with whom you can arrange a form of payment - whether it's another massage treatment or a product or service you offer!
There really is no excuse NOT to get a great Massage considering it's many benefits! I believe it is all a matter of what we determine is important to us. I doubt that you will put little value on Massage Therapy, once you experience a great one! And if the real reason is you're still not convinced that it is an evidenced-based practice and that it will benefit you... then I have nothing more to say to convince you... I am meant to be felt and not heard anyways! Prove me wrong - trade with me!
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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