Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Create a Killer Elevator Speech in 5 Minutes

"You never get a second chance
to make a first impression."
- Anonymous     

First Impression Lasts!
So they say...
I don't really have an elevator speech. Do you?
If you have your own private practice you know that you need one! So why can't you just say your name and your profession, shake hands, then hand-out a business card? We can, but would it be much better if we get remembered after such short moment of meeting someone? Would it be great to make a good impression in a few seconds!
As Professional Massage Therapists we all need a GOOD way of briefly introducing ourselves when networking or meeting someone for the first time that will usually last for only a mere 10-15 second but is catchy enough to be easily remembered! A simple but purposeful statement that answer the questions "Who are  you?" & "What do you do" in an awesome way? Better than just mentioning your name, shaking hands then throwing one business card out there if you happen to have one at hand at that moment!
Well, there are great ways to make your own elevator speech!  And there are pre-conceived models available that you only have to fill in the blanks! Here are some 10-second introductions (elevator speeches) formulated by Rhett Hatfield, Owner/Director of Education Body Wisdom School. They are short, direct, polite and quite easy to commit to memory, both for you and your prospects! I personally like the first model!
1. The "I Support by" Model:
I support (a)________ in their desire to (b)________by means of (c)________.
a) Who: Types of People, target audience;
b) What they want to accomplish, their “needs, desires and goals;
c) How you can help them get what they want.
  • I support [people, women, athletes, etc.] in their desire to [reduce stress, feel and look better, stay on top of their game, etc.] by means of [regular massage sessions, massage, exercise and nutrition, regular maintenance massage and injury rehabilitation, etc.].
  • I support people in this desire to live stress free lives though a regular health maintenance program of massage, exercise and nutrition.
  • I support people in their desire to become free of debilitating pain though a program of massage and easy-to-do exercises that only take 5 minutes a day.
2. The "You Know How" Model:
You can create a more informal intro-speech using this model:
You know how [name a problem that a target market has]? I [tell them about your easy, fast, simple, painless solution.]
  • You know how everyone seems so stressed out and busy lately, I help people to relax and enjoy their lives more through a total wellness program of regular massage, nutrition and exercise.
3. The "People Tell Me" Model:
People tell me that I [name a benefit that you provide or a problem that you solve.] 
One says ______, while another says _______.
  • People say that I add value to their lives by helping them become more attuned to their own body through an hour of massage and meditation.
If you wanted to learn more about the above topic and other related matters, you can click this link. To find out more about Rhett Hatfield visit: The Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School.
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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