Friday, May 17, 2013

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be A Massage Therapist!

"I have learned that how we face challenges
plays a big role in the outcome of them."

- Sasha Azevedo.     

No, NOT everyone!

Not everyone CAN be a Massage Therapist. And not everyone MAY be a Massage Therapist! Not everyone can do what we do. Sure everyone has hands and they can knead with them, but massage therapy goes way beyond just a rub down. Even if you think you can, you may not be allowed by law to do so. In reality there are actually a lot in Massage Therapy that can make a massage therapist-hopefuls think twice before they become one. Here is the top ten reason why I think they should...

To Be or Not to be a Massage Therapist...
Do you have What it Takes?

It is not that I am discouraging the hopefuls, but based on what I have witnessed and experienced first-hand in the Massage Therapy world in the many years that I have been in it - these are the criteria/qualities that you SHOULD NOT HAVE in order to become a TRUE massage therapist!

1. If you are doing this for the money. You cannot put value on the physiological and psychological effects of massage therapy. It takes a caring touch to achieve such effect. If you are performing sessions half-heartedly, for the sole purpose of fattening up your next paycheck or for a bigger tip, then you have lost the positive connection with your client that should be there in the first place - if your intentions are sincere?

2. If you are doing this for the fad. So everyone you know are into holism, and nowadays massage therapy is no longer just a luxury! Every corner you turn, there is a Massage/Spa franchise. Every time you click on your browser, a massage therapy school or spa deals and adds pop up! Sure, there is an increasing demand for Licensed Massage Therapist, since there has been an increase in the numbers of wellness centers - but ask yourself, are the things that make others happy apply to you? Does the demand for the profession guarantee your success if you ever choose to be a massage therapist?

3. If you still are NOT convinced that Massage Therapy is Healthcare. In the same light: You still call Massage Therapy a rub-down; You still call Massage Therapists masseuses/ masseurs; You still believe that Massage therapy is luxury - or worse - you think it is about sexuality or sensuality. And worst, you have "these" as the actual reasons why you want to learn more about it!

4. If you shy away from the sight of too "much" skin AND/OR You shy away from too much body contact! You will see a lot of skin in this profession, and in some cases partial nudity! It is not that I am saying that all massages are perform bare skin - massage therapists are trained in proper draping - it is the fact that majority of massage modalities requires disrobing - and you need to learn to maintain client modesty even if they are prone on your table.

And speaking of body contact, most people think massage means using just the hands, well, just so you know, your hand will not last that long, if they alone are the tools you use for massage! Your forearms, your elbows, your knees, your shins and your feet are equally as useful. They are called contact points - and the more variety you use, the more body contact there is - the longer you will last in the business! As a matter of fact, some eastern modality actually involves cradling and carrying!

5. If you like sitting down for your job. While this doesn’t apply to every massage therapist, (you can perform Thai massage kneeling or sitting down for example), any massage therapist who works on the a wellness clinic, a medical clinic, a sports club or gym can’t really remember when they actually got to sit down during a 5-6 successions of 1-hour sessions! Unless of course you are NOT booked! Which is unlikely to happen if you have "it"!

6. If you have a small bladder or cannot hold your water - or the other way around: you forgot to drink enough fluids! This ranks right up there with sitting down - you could either be criss-crossing your leg to hold it while in a session, or you could be dehydrated!

7. If you don’t like change. Massage Therapy is on its way to be where it has always been, and where it should be - and that is Healthcare! Changes in massage therapy, it's scope, and legislations are constant nowadays! Almost every state is on its way to being stringent about it! In the one and a half decade that I have been here in this profession, so many things have changed and are changing and I mean A LOT! Some simple, and some much more complex. If change is something you cannot handle, then work somewhere else.

8. If you don’t like continuing education (CEUs) and/or continually learning. This is part of being a healthcare professional. You need to keep your knowledge and skill level at par with the innovation curve. If you don’t you risk harming those you care for - you risk being left out! Even if you are on the right track, standing still can get you ran over by those who are moving forward!

9. If you don’t have good personal skills (people/ communication skills). You need to be socially competent in order to provide the very best treatment possible. Skill and knowledge will only get you so far. Talent, discipline is as important as people and communication skills! And oh... not to mention business skills!

10. And finally, saving the best for last - If you don’t know how to touch with care and to care with your touch! Care and touch goes hand in hand! They are like twins! Touching Care and/ or CaringTouch - what more can a client ask for? It is something that can either be a result of years and years of craft and talent-building to be taught or to be learned or something that comes natural!

You either have it, or you don ’t. It’s that simple. So do you think you should be a Massage Therapist?

- Leo Feraer-Oporto


  1. It is nice to know this information. In my opinion, becoming a massage therapist is really a good idea. But be sure that you have the skills and the passion to do so.

  2. It is really great to become a massage therapist. Aside from the fact that you would be able to touch the lives of others by alleviating their pain and relaxes their tensed muscles, it also pays well. But I guess becoming a massage therapist is not everyone’s thing. You need to have the passion to help others in order for you to be a great massage therapist.