Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The 50 Things I love About Being a Massage Therapist

"I would rather be able to appreciate things I can't have
than to have things I am not able to appreciate."
- Elbert Hubbard     
And The Long List Goes On...
I enjoy giving massage therapy as much as receiving them! And although it is only half of what I do for a living, the whole will never be the same without it! To touch and be touch is such an innate, primal nature, for without it any human will just fail to thrive. Touch goes beyond just physical contact, it is a language and a medium for healing. Massage Therapy is touch - caring and healing touch both for the receiver and the giver! For during the time of each treatment, I do learn good things about myself as well. And everyday, there is always something new!
It is an opportunity to bring my clients to a whole new level of wellness - to help them heal. Being able to see and hear with my touch, I appreciate that clients put their trust in me. And just like nursing, and as much as nursing, massage therapy is one of the most passionate thing I will ever do! And just like the very first morning I woke up for my very first day of work, I am still as excited that today is another day that I get to make someone feel better.
Making a good and wonderful living from making other people feel good and wonderful, is good and wonderful! Sounds redundant, but that is just how I feel. In this profession, if you play your cards right, you can have fun while making a very nice living. Not in any particular order, here are the 50 extemporaneous reasons why I love what I do!
1. I love being happy and less stressed.
2. I love making people happy and less stressed.
3. I love being my own boss.
4. I love having my client as my other boss.
5. I love being in control of my time.
6. I love the fact that I get paid the prices I set.
7. I love the fact that people pay with a genuine smile on their face.
8. I love the fact that I get to choose where I work.
9. I love the fact that I get to work "with" the client, not "on" them.
10. I love educating people about overall health and holistic wellness.
11. I love it when someone comes in in-pain and comes out relieved.
12. I love it when someone comes in anxious and comes out relaxed.
13. I love it when another healthcare practitioner asks me for a recommendation, and I have the answer.
14. I love it when I can use my knowledge and experience to help a person who "just doesn't feel right!"
15. I love meeting new people and getting to know them.
16. I love it when I learn something new from my client's story in a short period of time.
17. I love the feeling that I am the only person at that "here and now" moment" who can do what I do.
18. I love it when I have all my work done, I can get a massage from colleagues for free.
19. I love it when I trade massages, I learn something new.
20. I love learning about new disciplines and modalities.

21. I love sharing the new discipline and modality that I just learned to my client and my colleague.
22. I love writing about my experiences as an Massage Therapist (good and bad).
23. I love talking to my family and friends about Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and they listen! (because they know they get to have free massages afterwards).
25. I love it when people walk up to me and say things like, "You're an angel."
26. I love it when people give me sincere hugs and kisses.
27. I love it when doctors themselves calls and recommends me for their patient because they believe in the benefits of massage.
28. I love it that the most loyal of my followings are Healthcare providers from the Allied Medical side.
29. I love it when people recognize that you are the expert, and they put their trust on you.
30. I love it when the result of my treatment match the goals of my clients.
31. I love it when I can tell just by my initial assessment what's wrong with the patient (Massage Therapists are independent Healthcare Practitioner - we can assess).
32. I love it when my client respond better to my touch than pills.
33. I love it when doctors and clinic administrators decide to approve my protocols because they have faith in "our" knowledge and experience.
34. I love it that Massage Therapy is going back to the "healthcare umbrella" as it should be.
35. I love telling someone thank you, without uttering a single word.

36. I love being part of a Healthcare Team, and what I "chip-in" is well respected.
37. I love having students, and teaching them the wisdoms that I myself have learned from someone willing to teach.
38. I love the bosses that I have ever had who believed in my abilities.
39. I love my fellow nurses, who helped build-up my private practice.
40. I love the fact that I get to "prove wrong" the people who see a stigma in massage.
41. I love the slow days when I get to sit-in in my therapy room and update the status of my websites and my blogs.
42. I love sharing my experience (my writings) through my websites and my blogs.
43. I love when I get called into work to help out a colleague who can't make it to the shift.
44. I love being organized and prioritizing - some material things benefit from my touch too!
45. I love it when I actually look forward to going to work every day.
46. I love it that people can't smoke at work.
47. I love it that people rely on me, and that I can rely on them.
48. I love it that I always have plenty of room to grow and people can grow with me.
49. I love it that I have been a reflection of what I do - Ipractice what I preach.
50. I love it that I have learned to love more and appreciate more through this profession.

So there you have it folks! The 50 extemporaneous reasons for why I love practicing massage therapy. It’s important to understand and love why you do what you do and your motivations for doing so. As with any line of work, be it nursing or Massage Therapy, it’s easy when you enjoy what you’re doing!
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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