Friday, July 12, 2013

Not Easy Doing What You Preach (Sometimes, Expensive!)

"If a job is worth doing, it is too hard!"
- Scott Adams     

The Price and Prize of Being a Massage Therapist...
Perhaps you can call me a Massage Athlete or an Athlete-wanna-be! It is not easy becoming one! But considering my pressure, endurance in providing treatments and my health, providing massage has become an exercise for me as much as a livelihood. So I guess you can call me just that! And every massage therapist will agree that it is not easy providing successive hours of therapy to demanding clients! It may not be a sport, but it is good exercise nonetheless!
But I've never really been that great of a true athlete as much as I am a true therapist. Not in the very essence of sports. I do participate on a not-so-regular basis, either running or swimming and my interest has always been there, but it is due to my busy schedule and the amount of energy left after a very long day that I have never been that consistent! Not to mention that I have to build my schedule based on the demands of my clients! (Excuses, excuses) Well, I am doing my best...
Come to think of it, I believe I am still more active than many of the clients I give massages to! If otherwise, then there will be less client that come to me in the first place. Stressed out and sore, they are either sitting down whole day in front of their computers or doing heavy lifting or exertion at work! And very few of them exercise on a regular basis. In spite of all of these, I still like to think of myself as someone who can do a lot more for my health! I for one is a client myself, no exemption to these and there has always been a lot of room for improvement! I can always use another massage!
My constant endeavor has always been to ramp up my strength and endurance training and heal my existing minor health issues. Muscle tension and adhesions mostly, some trigger points here and there. There has been some success - so far! And there goes the athlete-wanna-be in me: sore! Now out goes the massage client: sore!
Now I turn to massage increasingly frequent! Some massages I got for free, some from trading and some are expensive! But nevertheless, I could not imagine not having one in between my work and my workouts! This is the only addiction I am guilty of - massage! But I do not plan to have an intervention! I love massage and who says you always have to pay for it!
Are you a massage athlete in your own way? Do you invest on a regular holistic treatment like massages? I know I am! And this Massage Athlete is due for another 120-mins! Massage barter anyone?
- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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