Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Down of 10: Because Your Therapist is a Client too!

"Sometimes less is more."

- Ludwig Mies van der Raho     

Because Less Stress Means More Wellness!

I have been providing Massages to a myriad of client types. The healthy ones can be grouped into two: people who live a healthy lifestyle as a form of preventative healthcare and those who live a healthy lifestyle because there is already pre-existing condition that warrants them to do so.

I have clients who are healthy, because they are. I have had clients who shifted to a healthy low sodium, low fat or low sugar diet because they have been diagnosed with hypertension or diabetes. I have had clients who decided to do regular exercises because it is the best way to keep their mobility from debilitating arthritis. And then there are those who go for massages because their conditions do not respond to medications anymore and they are willing to try a whole new Holistic approach!

...I had to live healthy because my profession and my happiness depend on it! And yes, I am not free from a history of minor injury like the most of us!

So I have come to think: Is Massage Therapy and Holistic Healthy Living a First Choice or a Last Resort? Do we avoid getting damaged, or do we just patch the damage after it is done? Why suffer needlessly, if you can minimize the stressors in the first place? Less stress, more wellness! The choice is simple right?

Easy to say... but truth is, being healthy and avoiding stress nowadays takes effort and education.

But of course we are all humans, and I am no exception. This therapist is a client too many times over - and it is actually the reason why I have to simplify the many things on my to-do list! Hence, my countdown to my last post on this blog, of which we are halfway!

Having a brain wired to welcome pleasure and comfort like everyone else and a lifestyle and profession as hectic, and stressful like everyone else - then the more difficult being healthy is to do so!  It takes effort, diligence, patience and knowledge to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit!

So how would we keep up? And how do we keep up the motivation to keep up? 

...Sometimes, less is indeed more!

Because your massage therapist is one of those patients, one of those clients. We do get sleepless, tired, stressed and hungry (usually from taking care of our clients massage and healthcare needs) just like everyone else.

I am still on the process of balancing my overall health! And darn, it is NOT easy! Oh well, I guess I need another Massage! Because MORE massage is more!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto


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