Friday, December 20, 2013

5 Tips to Make Your First-time Clients Come Back

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the
attainment. Full effort is full victory."

- Mahatma Gandhi     

It's All About Customer Satisfaction!

Your clients are coming to you for a relaxing experience, to alleviate some tension and stress and to enhance their overall health. Wouldn't it be right that we give them the kind of experience that they expect! Given empathy, kindness, good intentions and sincere attention, if we can handle or even avoid common uncomfortable situations with our clients, then the better our services will be!

Here are 5 great tips to help improve one's practice and to help avoid certain uncomfortable situations before, during or after a massage that we Massage Therapists sometimes fail to address:

1. Understand that any client at times may feel self-conscious because of various reasons.  Even the most regular of your clientele can feel self-conscious not only with how they appear or how they have change, but they can also be uncomfortable by how they think their therapist may perceive them or this changes. Sometimes even the most sincere intentions can sound or appear otherwise to your client so always be empathetic on how you ask your intake questions, how you discuss certain topics with them, how you drape, how you position your client, etc.

2. Educate your clients about Massage Do’s and Don’ts. Many clients wonder if they should or shouldn’t do this or that to/with a massage therapist before/during/after the massage. It would be beneficial both to your practice and to your client to educated them about these matters. This may include, clothing and disrobing, after-effects of massage, logic of certain techniques, massage after-care, massage contraindications, etc. Not only are you making the session easier for you, you are also enhancing their overall experience of the massage! For Massage Do's and Don'ts click here.

3. Create a Serene and Hygienic Environment. Every Massage Therapist know the importance of a peaceful and clean treatment room! Sometimes, even the build-up of dust underneath your table can be a turn-off to the most discerning clients! It is very important to ensure each of your clients can relax in a fresh, sanitized, peaceful and safe environment. Hand sanitizers, tissues, wet wipes, air fresheners, allergen-free lotions and linens, etc. are also a must! ! This clean environment also entails your very own personal hygiene (i.e. nails, calluses, body or breath odors, strong perfume, the likes) Always be aware and look for even the little things that may break these ideal condition!

4. Encourage Feedbacks, but listen not only to what your clients are saying, but also to what they are showing! From the very beginning of the session, advise your client to let you know any feedback that they may have, especially the pressure and techniques that you use! Sometimes clients feel like they will be insulting you if they do speak up, so some quick small questions during the session can also be helpful both for you and  your clients! Ask them about things like room/table temperature, type/volume of music, pressure or stretch, etc.

5. Delicately inform your clients, at the appropriate time about your tipping policies. Some clients simply don’t know if they should or shouldn’t tip you! It may be uncomfortable, but it’s a portion of your salary and deserves some attention.  For a related post about Gratuities, click here for some guidelines.

Remember, it’s all about keeping your massage clients comfortable, happy, relaxed and satisfied with your massage. Aside from always being professional, friendly and courteous, it will always come back to you if you add some more kindness and empathy to each and every therapy you provide! It will help to increase tips (if you accept them), increase the number of referrals and keep them coming back for more! Massage, after all, is about business too!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto     

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