Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Subtraction is Beautiful: Countdown to my Last 10 Posts

"When life gets too complicated,
subtraction can be beautiful!"

Leo Babauta            

The Art of Subtraction...

I would have to admit - when it comes to my work and my clients, I have the tendency to keep on adding! One more client for today, one more deep tissue session, one more part-time job, one more widget for my website, one more post for this month… and the addition goes on and on!

Until yesterday that I just realized that my fingers are beginning to tremble a bit while I was writing this same blog the same day as my regular massage work day. Hmm?! I think I needed to cut down on massaging, so I can do more typing! Or perhaps it is the other way round?

The truth is after giving 5-7 hours of Massages to my clients, it is just plain difficult to type or write something for my blog! First - when you are tired it is hard to think and concentrate. Second, it is hard to use your fingers after all those TPs and DTs you have given!

So why wouldn't I use my massage days-off instead to write a blog - you might ask? Well, because I have Nursing on the side and I want to take the rest of those days-off doing nothing!

I am thankful that I still manage to listen to my own body after 17 years of doing the same thing over and over again with my hands! And when I look back, sometimes I still wonder how I lasted this long!

Minuend & Subtrahend Make a Difference!

Sometimes, continual addition isn’t sustainable or desirable anymore! Too many tasks, too many things on my plate… too many this, too many that! (Nope, I am not whining!) Too many is just that - too much! Too many things to do means I will always be busy - meaning less time for rest, stillness, contemplation, creativity and of course less time with loved ones. 

All I needed is some extra time, extra space and extra clarity! And the only way to do addition on that is to free some time! In this case subtraction is much better than addition! Minus one here - Plus one there! No rocket science!

A Countdown to Farewell...

This post is the 10th on my countdown to my very last one. Blogging is good, been great to me. But sometimes subtraction is better! Besides, I don't plan to delete this blog! And I will always have new posts on the other two popular networking sites and of course I have 7 other websites! (Yes, seven! Of which I am planning to do some subtraction as well.)

How about you? What can you subtract right now that can make your life/work/whatever simpler/easier/faster?

Yeah, I guess I did whine a bit!

- Leo Feraer-Oporto      

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